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How Far $3.6 Million Ag Trade Promotion Funding Goes To Boost California Walnuts

In addition to the normal domestic and international trade promotions funded through the California Walnut Board and Commission, the industry received an additional $3.6 million from the government through the ATP program.  Watch this brief interview with Claire Lee to see how this funding is being used to boost California walnut sales and how growers can receive additional funding through …

The Truth Behind Fluctuating Walnut Prices & What Growers Need to Know

In a special State of the Walnut Industry panel discussion at Malcolm Media’s annual Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo in Fresno, Mike Poindexter, CEO of Poindexter Nut Company pointed out to growers that the trade war isn’t responsible for the decline in walnut prices in recent years, but the perception of its impact on the walnut industry might be. …