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COVID-19 Impact on the Almond Industry & Future Prospects

Many have heard initial projections as to how COVID-19 might impact the California almond industry, especially at such a critical time with growers expecting their largest crop ever this year. But how has the market actually been impacted up to this point?  And are evolving consumer habits beneficial to this growing industry?  Watch this brief interview with Emily Fleischmann from the Almond …

New Export Opportunities for Almond Hulls

As California almond production continues to increase, so does the amount of coproducts such as hulls and shells.  Traditionally, much of these coproducts have been sold to California dairies as cattle feed and bedding amendments; however, the increase in production has led the industry to pursue further marketing opportunities and uses for these coproducts.  Watch this brief interview with Elaine …

Wildfire Impact on CA Almond Harvest & Crop Update

Are California almond growers really going to reach their record 3 billion pound crop this year? How have the wildfires impacted the harvest season? What kind of pest pressure levels are growers experiencing this year? What should almond growers expect at the virtual Almond Board Conference this year?  Watch this brief interview with Richard Waycott from the Almond Board of …