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Multiple Recent Studies Examine Walnuts & Heart Health

New findings from three publications supported by the California Walnut Commission, demonstrate the impact of walnuts on various aspects of heart health. The findings were so compelling that the papers were supported by the journals with a press release and/or editorial coverage, stimulating broad media coverage. The California Walnut Board (CWB)/California Walnut Commission’s (CWC) mission is to work collectively to …

CA Nut Industry Funds Four New UC Cooperative Extension Research Positions

Four staff research associates will join the ranks of UC Cooperative Extension scientists in the coming months to support nut crop advisors conducting critical research in walnut, almond and pistachio production. The California Walnut Board, the Almond Board of California and the California Pistachio Research Board together have provided about $425,000 to cover annual salaries, benefits, travel and equipment for …

New California Walnuts Advertising Campaign Offers Solutions When “Life Isn’t Always Simple”

The California Walnut Board announced today the launch of the “Life Isn’t Always Simple” The California Walnut Board advertising campaign, created to show consumers how walnuts can be an easy way to add nutrition, crunch and variety to any meal and snack. The new campaign, which focuses on the importance of small daily “wins,” like getting an easy and delicious …