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APG Meeting Evolving Consumer Needs (American Pistachio Growers Summer Series 3/7)

As gathering has not been possible due COVID-19 restrictions, American Pistachio Growers (APG) launched a video series with Pacific Nut Producer in lieu of their summer grower luncheon. Watch Part III of the series featuring APG Vice President of Global Marketing Judy Hirigoyen as she explains how they have shared APG’s message with consumers worldwide over the past six months. …

New Pistachio Market Research Report & Forecast

Pistachios consist of antioxidants rich in fiber as they help reduce cholesterol levels, keep the sugar controlled, and reduce the risk of diseases like cancer. Pistachios are mostly consumed among type 2 diabetes patients. According to the International Dried Fruits and Nuts Council, the Global Pistachio Market is esteemed to grow, witnessing an increase of 31% in the global production …

American Pistachio Marketing Plans for 2019 to Include India

American Pistachio Marketing Plans for 2019 to Include India

With the largest pistachio crop ever in the west last year coupled with international trade issues, some might be concerned about prices and how to move such a large inventory; however, American Pistachio Growers (APG) reported that the demand is out there at their annual conference, and APG unveiled some exciting new marketing plans for the coming year, including a …