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Do you have Phytophthora Root Rot or Wet Feet in your Hazelnut Orchard?

  Oregon growers had a wet spring and experienced flooding in some areas, which led to phytophthora root rot and “Wet Feet” in some trees.  Watch this brief interview with Oregon State University Plant Pathologist Jay Pscheidt as he explains these two conditions and how to treat infected trees.  Read more in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Subscribe for FREE at https://malcolmmedia.com/pacific-nut-producer-magazine-subscriptions/. Be …

Oregon Hazelnut Growers Anticipate Largest Crop Ever

As the hazelnut industry continues to grow in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon growers are expecting a record breaking crop this year, as shared by Larry George of George Packing Company at the Annual Summer Tour of the Nut Growers Society recently held in Albany, Oregon.  Watch this brief interview with Larry as he provides some special insights on the developing …

Oregon State University Shares Characteristics of Different Hazelnut Varieties

The hazelnut breeding program at Oregon State University (OSU) has been doing a great job over the years developing new blight resistant hazelnut varieties better suited for todays growing industry in the Pacific Northwest.  Back at the Nut Growers Society’s Annual Meeting in Corvallis, Becky McCluskey from the OSU Department of Horticulture showcased some of these varieties. Watch this brief …

Hazelnut Irrigation Considerations with Agricare

Micro-irrigation is becoming more popular in the Pacific Northwest hazelnut industry.  Watch this brief interview with Agricare agronomist TJ Hafner, as he shares what’s worked best in his experience.  Read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine.  Don’t currently receive this monthly publication. Subscribe for FREE at https://malcolmmedia.com/pacific-nut-producer-magazine-subscriptions/.