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Duarte Nursery Field Day

Join us at the Annual Duarte Nursery Field Day August 16th and get updated on the Bennett Hickman almond variety. Visit a couple Bennett Hickman planting, Tour around the Nursery and enjoy lunch. RSVP at events@duartenursery.com or 209-531-0351.

Duarte Nursery Field Day (Modesto)

On Friday August 16th, Duarte Nursery will be hosting its 3rd annual Field Day where you can come and see the Bennett Hickman Fields and Tour Duarte Nursery. If you would like to learn more about the Bennett Hickman almond offered by Duarte Nursery, call 209-531-0351 or your Duarte Nursery field representative today for details & to RSVP to Duarte …

Duarte Nursery Friends Day

Join Duarte Nursery on Friday, May 3rd 2019 at the Annual Friends Day. Filled with Ag industry exhibitors, Tours, Food, Wine Tasting! RSVP at events@duartenursery.com or 209-531-0351

Sterile Insect Facility to Aid Growers with Navel Orangeworm Management

Sterile Insect Facility to Aid Growers with Navel Orangeworm Management

Researchers and growers are tackling the formidable tree nut pest Navel Orangeworm from all fronts.  One method underway is in utilizing the same sterile insect technology and facility that eradicated pink bollworm from the cotton industry years ago.  There have been some challenges in adapting the system for Navel Orangeworm, as shared by Bob Klein from the Pistachio Research Board; …

Record High Pistachio Acreage Planted in 2018

Record High Pistachio Acreage Planted in 2018

Along with record high pistachio production in the western United States in 2018, a record number of acres were planted to pistachios as well last year. Is this good news or bad news for the pistachio industry? Watch this interview with American Pistachio Growers’ Executive Director Richard Matoian to find out, and read more about it in Pacific Nut Producer …

Almond Pollination and Hive Removal Timing

Almond Pollination and Hive Removal Timing

Almond pollination is underway in California and growers are hoping for another good crop this year.  How can you monitor the progress of your bees during almond pollination and determine when it is time to remove the hives?  Watch this brief interview with Billy Synk from Project Apis m. for some answers, and read more about it in the March …

California Almond Industry Sets Sights High with 2025 Goals

The Almond Board of California recently unveiled their vision of industry in 2025 and set some ambitious goals on how to get there.  These goals were not just made for the sake of pleasing the consumer and community, but also for the longterm success and viability of the industry moving forward.  Watch this brief interview as Daren Williams from the …

Enhancing Almond Pollination with Cover Crops

How do you maximize the efficacy of your investment in bees for a successful almond pollination period?  According to Billy Synk, director of Pollination Services with project Apis m., the answer is planting cover crops in the fall that will flower prior to almond bloom to get the bees active early in preparation for a successful pollination period.Watch this brief …

USDA to Support California Almond Industry

Growers have until the end of day Feb. 14th to sign up for the USDA market facilitation program created in response to the retaliatory tariffs.  USDA is also supporting the California almond industry in other ways. Watch this brief interview with Julie Adams from the Almond Board of California for more information. Enjoy our Ag video news?  Be sure to …

Understanding Coyotes & How to Manage/Deter Them

Once confined mostly to the Great Plains of North America, coyotes have spread across much of the continent, and can be a real threat and nuisance to farming communities. Check out this brief interview with USDA Wildlife Specialist Derek Milsaps, as he offers some recommendations on how to identify and deal with these pests. Read more about it in the …

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