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Almond Board Conference, Sacramento

As leaders in California agriculture, our commitment to innovative practices – from advances in pest management to significant improvements in water-use efficiency – is more important than ever. Recognizing our role as a leader around the world, we’re working to grow almonds in better, safer and healthier ways, protecting our communities and the environment. The Almond Conference is the perfect …

AF36, a New Tool for Controlling Aflatoxin Levels in Nut Crops

Special thanks to Duarte Nursery for sponsoring this video. Please thank & tell them you saw this video! At the recent Almond Board Conference in Sacramento, Bob Curtis shared a new tool growers have to control Aflatoxin levels in nut crops, other than just effective Navel Orangeworm management. Known as AF36, watch this brief interview with Bob, and read more …

State of the California Almond Industry Report

If you missed the State of the State of the Industry presentation at the annual Almond Conference, watch this brief interview with Richard Waycott and Mike Mason from the Almond Board who shared their outlook of the future of the California almond industry.  Read more in Pacific Nut Producer Magazine. Don’t currently receive it? Subscribe for free HERE today!