Want a Strong Start to the Crop Year? You Need To Mummy Shake

Even though growers are just completing this year’s harvest, it’s never too early to start thinking about winter sanitation. Winter is the time to remove and destroy mummy nuts that harbor navel orangeworm (NOW) larvae, which can hatch in the spring and wreak havoc in the orchard. By removing the nuts, growers are eliminating both a shelter and food source …

Stormy Weather Sets Back California Tree Nut Growers

Stormy Weather Sets Back California Tree Nut Growers

After so many years of drought, it’s difficult for growers to complain about all the recent rain events that have been occurring throughout California; however, the abnormally significant amount of precipitation this past month has posed its share of challenges to tree nut growers that have been anxiously awaiting entry into their orchards to make their much needed fungicide sprays …

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