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Bees and Almonds: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship – From the Almond Board of California

Modesto, Calif., (February 8, 2018) – Almonds depend on bees and bees depend on almonds. In fact, the link between bees and almonds is so important that the relationships between almond growers and their beekeepers often go back years or even generations. Between February and March each year, almond tree buds burst into beautiful light pink and white blooms in …

Meet Steve Koretoff

Steve Koretoff grows 100 acres of almonds in Kerman, runs a processing plant and reads Pacific Nut Producer Magazine.   “I’m Steve Koretoff with Nick Koretoff Ranches and Purity Organics, and the best way to reach me is through Pacific Nut Producer Magazine.” “If I’m looking for spray equipment, a tiller, or other almond related products and services, Pacific Nut …

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