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Leadership Transition Planned for Administrative Committee for Pistachios

The Administrative Committee for Pistachios (ACP) is pleased to announce the hiring of Stephen Vasquez as the Executive Director of the ACP starting January 2024. Vasquez will succeed Bob Klein who has served in the lead staff role since June 2007. Klein plans to retire in April 2024 to ensure a smooth transition. Management of the California Pistachio Research Board will also be part of Vasquez’s responsibilities, working closely with scientist focused on improving pistachio production. Vasquez most recently worked for Sun-Maid Growers as their technical viticulturist where he coordinated their research program and worked closely with growers and researchers to improve raisin production. His past experience also includes working for University of California Cooperative Extension as a viticulture farm advisor for 14 years, a research agronomist for an international fertilizer company and a director of agronomy for a large table grape farming company.

“We are excited to have Stephen join ACP and know that his experience will benefit the organization and pistachio growers,” Said Klein. “His experience as a farm advisor and farmer will bring a unique perspective to the ACP, which will help identify gaps in research that growers rely on to be successful in California.”

Vasquez will work with federal, state and local organizations to carry out the mission of the Administrative Committee for Pistachios. He is a lifelong resident of California and resides in Fresno CA with his wife.

Of the retiring Bob Klein, Pacific Nut Producer Editor Matthew Malcolm shared, “It has been a real privilege working with Bob for so many years in his dedicated service to the California pistachio industry.  I will miss our great interviews together, but congratulate him on a job well done and wish him the best in retirement.”

ABOUT THE APC: The Administrative Committee for Pistachios (ACP) was established in 2004 by pistachio growers to regulate quality aspects of domestically shipped pistachios, primarily testing for levels of aflatoxin which can occur in tree nuts, peanuts, corn and other commodities. It is authorized to require inspection of domestically shipped pistachios for aflatoxin levels, gather statistics from handlers and report this data, fund research projects that pertain to the processing and handling of pistachios, and to establish food safety regulations. The pistachio marketing order does not perform marketing activities (advertising and consumer education) and does not sell or arrange the purchase of pistachios. The Administrative Committee for Pistachios (ACP) locally administers the federal marketing order for pistachios produced in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. To learn more visit: https://acpistachios.org/.

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