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IKD Concern for Golden Hills Pistachio Variety

Internal Kernel Discoloration (IKD) is a recent cosmetic concern discovered in the Golden and Lost Hills varieties of pistachios, which now make up about half of the total planted acreage of California pistachios.  While IKD is only noticeable inside the kernel and does not alter the flavor of the nut and is of no food safety concern, USDA Specialty Crops Inspection has indicated that they intend to consider this as a defect under the voluntary USDA Grades and Standards for pistachios and would score it as “damage”.  The industry strongly disagrees with USDA on this as it would cause unnecessary and costly problems should they choose to move forward with this.  Watch this brief interview with Bob Klein from the California Pistachio Research Board to learn more.

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  1. Michael McPherson

    09/01/2023 at 6:00 PM

    Dear Sirs,

    My name is Michae McPherso. I have planted a VERY small ORGANIC Pistachio orchard (approx. 30 trees) on my 1/3 acre lot in Lake Los Angeles, CA. The trees are all very healthy and thriving on a very minimum of irrigation and only the organically fed horse fertilizer that they were planted with. 2023 is their first year of production and they are surprisingly abundant, though I’m afraid that much of the harvest will only serve to feed the local Ravens. I don’t consider this a problem and shall investigate means to thwart the birds before the next crop.
    There are three vacant lots of the same size as mine adjacent to mine and I would like to purchase and plant them before the local residential creep overtakes my neighborhood and the lots are priced out of reach. I am also located 1/2 block south & west of near endless acreage that I could probably procure reasonably, but I understand that only well water may be available for now.
    I am telling this story because I would like advice regarding knowledge of any institutional and/or governmental financial assistance that might be available for such expansion, especially since I would like to use the opportunity to partner with local schools (there are many) to educate students on this (agriculture & nut production) industry and possibly benefitting the local low income citizens. I would try to donate all proceeds to the schools and local orgaizations, after expenses, and if any grants or loans may come available, those expenses could be kept within reason.
    I am a retiree, have learned much about Pistachio farming, and agriculture in general in the ten or so years since I began this endeavor for the sole purpose of “reforestation.” I would like to share this knowledge and the fruits of the labor with my new community as these folks, mostly newly immigrated or lower income minorities, could use all the help they can get, while not just offering “Reparation” hand-outs, but helping to establish and maintain a small local industry.
    Any advice or direction regarding these possibilities would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Best regards
    Michael McPherson
    41105 174th St. East
    Lancaster, CA 93535


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