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Why Do You Need Acadian® Organic in Your Tank Mix?

When looking for ways to boost your crops’ performance, you need a biostimulant that’s scientifically proven to perform in the field. Derived from the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, Acadian® Organic is a biostimulant growers are increasingly using to provide additional protection against challenging environmental stress and to improve uptake and nutrient utilization. Applications of Acadian® Organic are the critical step that conditions your plants to produce when it counts the most.

A complex mix of compounds producing a variety of beneficial plant responses.

Improves root growth and plant establishment — Acadian® Organic improves root initiation, elongation, and branching, leading to improved plant establishment and greater uptake of water and nutrients.

Maximizes crop potential during stress conditions — Acadian® Organic activates antioxidant production and increases water retention, which reduces the impact of environmental stresses including drought, salinity, heat, and chill.

Improves plant nutrient uptake — Containing natural chelators that bind to micronutrients, Acadian® Organic improves the bioavailability and transport of nutrients within the plant.

Improves crop size and uniformity — By increasing chlorophyll production within the plant, Acadian® Organic improves photosynthesis for greater plant productivity.

Enhances yield — Acadian® Organic helps plants produce energy. Its’ components act as precursors that encourage plants to produce new active compounds, which in turn boost crop quality and yield.

Nutritional uptake Nutrient absorption is important throughout all stages of plant development; it helps prevent nutrient deficiencies and provides nourishment for plant growth & development. Acadian® agriculture products contain complex bioactive compounds that increase plant absorption and use of essential nutrients:

  • Alginic Acid (a complex carbohydrate) bonds to micronutrients in the soil and makes them easier to be absorbed by the plant. It also serves as a food source for beneficial soil microbes.
  • Mannitol (a sugar alcohol) bonds to micronutrients in the soil and makes them easier to be absorbed by the plant.
  • Organic acids feed beneficial microbes in the soil that help deliver nutrients to plant roots.

Reduces the impact of environmental stress — With bioactive compounds such as mannitol, unique polysaccharides, and betaines, Acadian® improves trees’ tolerance to a variety of stressful growing conditions like drought, heat, chill, and salinity stress.

Improves yield and quality — Growers find after applications trees will utilize nutrients more efficiently and have better resistance to abiotic stresses (drought, heat, chill, salinity), ultimately leading to better fruit set and nut retention as well as increased nut weights and yield.

Recommended use of Acadian® Organic on almonds

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