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Subjective Yield Survey Results Project an Oregon Hazelnut Crop of 62,000 Tons

The Hazelnut Marketing Board has concluded its annual Subjective Yield Survey, and according to projections, the harvest is anticipated to be approximately 62,600 tons.

The Subjective Yield Survey is conducted by sending cards to hazelnut farmers and asking them to project what they think their yield will be based on how hazelnuts trees look in mid-July. A challenging weather year led to very divergent answers on many survey cards. While some growers projected incremental and exponential growth, others anticipate decreases in yield due to the ice storm in February and extreme heat and drought during the summer months.

The Subjective Yield Survey is typically done in conjunction with the Objective Yield Survey conducted by USDA-NASS. However, due to a labor shortage, the Objective Yield Survey could not be completed this year, thus making the data in the Subjective Yield Survey even more critical to the industry.

The viable survey cards were cross-referenced with field mapping statistics from Pacific Agricultural Survey, per its December 2020 report. When extrapolated out, the projected crop size is 125,233,017 pounds or 62,603.652 tons, which would be a new high for the industry.

The following table details these calculations:

Any questions regarding the Subjective Yield Survey may be directed to the Hazelnut Industry Office at 503-582-8420.

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