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CIDETRAK® NOW MESO™ – Confidence in Product Performance



Confidence in Product Performance in Where the Value Lies

“We tried CIDETRAK® NOW MESO™ in 2019 to see how well it would perform, and it did well. This season, we expanded with new acreage, and were pleased with the results. Along with orchard sanitation and well timed insecticide applications, mating disruption is a valuable tool in managing NOW. I like the simplicity of the MESO dispenser system, with no batteries or other hardware that needs to be serviced. The dispensers are easy to hang, and work through the season and into the fall on all flights.”

About Steve
Steve is an industry vet who began his career in Agriculture at an early age. After graduating from Cal Poly and obtaining his PCA license, Steve spent 20+ years working on the retail side with John Taylor Fertilizer, then Wilbur-Ellis after the acquisition. Currently residing in Tehama County, Steve manages his own Almond and Walnut orchards, as well as, working as an Independent PCA for Grower’s Choice, a company he founded in 2014.

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