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CIDETRAK® NOW MESO™ – A Strong Return on Investment


We are seeing a strong return on our investment

“This is the first year we decided to use a mating disruption product for NOW. Having said that, we looked at all of our options and decided to go with Trécé’s CIDETRAK® NOW MESO™. The Almond farm I manage is roughly 2,500 acres and we made the decision to treat the entire orchard. I’m glad that I did.

Last year, we sustained an average of 2.5% NOW injury on our Almonds. This year in 2020, NOW injury on average was reduced to just below 1%. The product performed as expected and I am very pleased with the results.

We ran our normal spray program along with CIDETRAK. By reducing the NOW injury over 60%, the product more than paid for itself. We are seeing a strong return on our investment in CIDETRAK.

Installing the product went very smooth for us. We pre-assembled the MESO’s on the hooks that come in the case, then sent the crew out to apply in the orchard. In the orchard, we averaged applying 5 acres per hour/per man. This method worked great for us and it’s my intention to repeat the processes next year.”

About Allan
Allan has been involved in agriculture his whole life, having grown up on a hay and cattle ranch in Northern California and currently as an orchard manager in the Sacramento Valley. He has put his Ag business degree from Cal Poly (SLO) to use during the past 27 years as an orchard manager in Butte and Glenn County. His experience has been in almonds, walnuts, prunes and pecans. Currently, Allan is a farm manager for Farmers International, responsible for 2,400 acres of almonds, along with an almond huller and sheller.

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