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24/7, Peace of Mind

“This is our second year using CIDETRAK® NOW MESO™ in our Almonds and Pistachios, and I’m very satisfied with the results. We applied CIDETRAK on roughly 800 acres of Almonds and 2,000 acres of Pistachios. It gives me peace of mind knowing that this product is on 24/7 and continually releases pheromone season long.

Since adding CIDETRAK to our NOW management program, we’ve seen a consistent reduction in injury year over year. NOW injury has continually been suppressed below 1%. The product is quick and easy to apply. It’s also very convenient that each CIDETRAK box turns into a carrying case, making the application process much easier.

Hands down, this is an extremely effective tool in managing NOW in our nut crops. I highly recommend CIDETRAK to anyone who would like to see a product that delivers consistent results and assurance that their orchard will be protected.”

About Joe:

Joe grew up in a family of farmers. Since the age of 8, he has worked in Agriculture and has learned an array of skills that he’s been able to apply throughout his career. Joe graduated from Cal Poly in 2006, and became the Research Director at DB Specialty Farms working in Strawberries. In 2013, he took a position with Maricopa Orchards and is currently their Director of Agronomy. Joe resides in Clovis, CA with his wife and four kids.

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