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ANNOUNCING TOMRA 5C – A More Successful Future Awaits


As an innovative thought leader for nearly 50 years, TOMRA Food has brought many firsts to the industry, and now we bring you one more. We continue to raise the bar for food safety and product quality. We continue working closely with you, our processing partners, to break barriers as to what is possible with optical sorting and design equipment specifically to meet your wants and needs.


We are thrilled to announce the release of the all new TOMRA 5C, ushering in a new era of sorting for the nut and dried fruit industry!

Processing at 95% capacity or better, 100% of the time

This innovative sorter builds on the award-winning TOMRA technologies and utilizes one of the most influential forces in the universe, gravity.

Driven by data to continuously improve your sorting capabilities, this machine will usher in the future of nuts and dried fruit sorting.


Reduce downtime, improve yield, lower direct costs, improve operational efficiency and increase quality with vast amounts of data

Integrated with our powerful TOMRA Insight 4.0 data platform, the TOMRA 5C has been engineered with the processor and operator in mind. Combined with an easy-to-use and intuitive display, the TOMRA 5C adapts to your needs.


Making real-time decisions to increase profits with easy to read and actionable data has never been more straightforward

The future of the nut and dried fruit industry is automated. The TOMRA 5C brings a level of food safety and quality that minimizes or eliminates staff required for hand sorting. We have dramatically improved capacity, doubling the throughput for almonds.


You may have spent your entire career in the dried fruit and nut business, but we can assure you that your product has never been seen like this before.

Speak with one of the TOMRA experts today to book your demo and take your business to the future!

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