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Reaching Stressed Consumers with Almonds, Message of Mindfulness

The Almond Board of California (ABC) U.S. marketing team continues to find ways to appeal to consumers through relevant and timely social media that keeps almonds top of mind.

Although the coronavirus pandemic and 2020 election have made it more difficult to cut through a congested media environment, social media remains an escape for people looking to get away from those two factors. Leveraging the insight that consumers nationwide are facing higher stress levels, which may only be intensified by the upcoming holiday season, the U.S. marketing team decided to focus its social media strategy on mindfulness and wellness. In its social media posts, the team featured motivational phrases promoting almonds, including “a self-care snack that keeps you feeling you #almonds” and “feel good breaks pair well with feel good snacks #almonds.” This campaign seeks to capitalize on how almonds can still be part of consumers’ everyday lives, even though their days may not be as routine as usual.

This effort also takes into consideration the fact that it can be hard to focus and stay energized when working from home, as many consumers are now forced to multi-task around the clock, jumping from their role of parent to teacher to employee. The ongoing demands of working from home allows ABC to highlight the benefits of sustaining one’s energy with a healthy snack of almonds. Social posts with captions such as “Week full of meetings? Week full of snacking on focus fueling #almonds” and “Al-monds all day. Your stay-on-task snack #almonds” are accompanied by an image of a handful of almonds over calendars and planners, connecting the nutritous snack of almonds to the realities of consumers’ busy lives.

The Almond Board has also infused its social media strategy with humor as it continues to run its light-hearted “Garage Sale” advertisements that showcase the power of eating a handful of almonds and gaining six grams of energy-packed protein to power through the day. This “Garage Sale” paid social placement will be featured on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through the end of November.

Beyond those tactics, ABC has also partnered with holistic health coach Koya Webb for the last quarter of 2020 to bring even greater attention to how a simple daily almond snack can bring mindfulness back into day. Webb is publishing a series of posts featuring almonds on her Instagram page through the end of December – check out her first post here! ABC also arranged 19 television media interviews for Webb that took place at the end of October, and is looking to secure more earned media opportunities in the coming weeks.

Taking a three-prong social media approach, from ABC’s own consumer-facing social media accounts as well as advertisements and third-party endorsement, has served up a recipe for success in, generating positive almond awareness through social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram at @California Almonds or on Twitter at @almonds to see the latest posts from your ABC team. — Article Courtesy of the Almond Board of California

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