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Almond Alliance of California Applauds Defeat of Prop. 15

The Almond Alliance of California today hailed the defeat of Prop. 15 which, if passed, would have been the largest property tax increase in California’s history.  The latest results from the Secretary of State’s office shows Prop. 15 losing by a margin of 52-48 %.
The Almond Alliance mobilized a grassroots campaign focused on educational materials, letters and provided support to a broader coalition of industry partners. Almond Alliance Chairman Mike Curry said, “This is a tremendous victory for California agriculture and the California almond community. This measure would have devastated family-owned farms and businesses and jeopardized our locally grown food supply.”
The victory demonstrated the power of agricultural groups partnering with like-minded organizations to achieve success at the ballot box, said Curry. “We worked closely with a coalition of agricultural organizations to inform our members about this issue and provide the resources needed to educate voters about the danger of Prop. 15 to the agricultural community,” he explained.

The statewide No on Prop 15 campaign included organizations, such as: Agricultural Council of California, Western Growers, California Farm Bureau Federation, California Business Roundtable, California Chamber of Commerce, California State Conference of the NAACP, California Black Chamber of Commerce, California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Latin American and Caribbean Business Chamber of Commerce, California Business Properties Association, California Taxpayers Association and hundreds of other entities.
“Our members deserve credit for stepping up to the plate quickly when we put out a call for help,” said Curry. “Their efforts were key to building this coalition and defeating this measure which would have unfairly burdened our community.”

About the Almond Alliance of California
The Almond Alliance of California (AAC) is a trusted non-profit organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of the California almond community. California almonds generate more than $21 billion in economic revenue and directly contribute more than $11 billion to the state’s total economy. California’s top agricultural export, almonds create approximately 104,000 jobs statewide, over 97,000 in the Central Valley, which suffers from chronic unemployment. The AAC is dedicated to educating state legislators, policy makers and regulatory officials about the California almond community. As a membership-based organization, our members include almond processors, hullers/shellers, growers and allied businesses. Through workshops, newsletters, conferences, social media and personal meetings, AAC works to raise awareness, knowledge and provide a better understanding about the scope, size, value and sustainability of the California almond community. 

For more information on the Almond Alliance, visit https://almondalliance.org/ or check out the Almond Alliance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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