Home Industry News Featured Post Suterra® Introduces New Puffer® Device – Most Durable Puffer® Yet

Suterra® Introduces New Puffer® Device – Most Durable Puffer® Yet

Suterra Introduces New Puffer Device – Most Durable Puffer Yet


Suterra is the global leader in sustainable pest control. Headquartered in Bend, OR they have the only dedicated pheromone manufacturing facility in the world. Fully integrated, they handle everything from early stage research and formulation to product design and manufacturing. This means Suterra® is able to deliver quality products growers can trust, with consistent chemistry and reliable hardware.

Purpose-built for agriculture, the new Puffer® delivers precise applications of Suterra’s trusted formulations. The patented new design is the most reliable and easiest to use aerosol device available today.

Easier to deploy – lighter weight and engineered to make placing the device correctly even simpler.

Drop-resistant – built with real work applications in mind.

Single button operation – easy to use with no user programming required.

Air-tight seal keeps out water and debris – manufactured to withstand challenges of harsh agricultural climates.


The new device is available in California for Navel Orangeworm, Codling Moth Puffer® products.

For more information on the new Puffer device or any of Suterra’s other product offerings, please visit their website at www.suterra.com or contact a local Suterra® representative.

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