RPAC Expands Almond Processing– Making Room for the Right Growers

RPAC Owners are looking to continue to grow with high-integrity growers that produce top quality almonds. Based in Los Banos, RPAC has long-standing relationships with select almond growers, from Chico to Bakersfield.

Established in 1986, the RPAC has undergone significant growth in the past five years.  Volume has grown 20% annually to approximately 50 million lbs.  As a result of this and expected continued growth, RPAC is investing in a major expansion. Beginning with the 2020 crop, the expansion will accommodate an annual capacity of approximately 100 million lbs.  The state-of-the-art facilities will continue RPAC’s tradition of operating the most advanced handling and packaging equipment available.

RPAC Offers Growers:

Stability – In business for over three decades.

Flexibility – Offering call pool as well as season pool: flexible payment-plan options.

Competitiveness – A strong and stable history of grower returns.

Additional Resources RPAC Provides Helping Their Growers Succeed:

  • Farming Information– As growers themselves, RPAC is pleased to share growing information that is useful.
  • Water information– Farming in riparian, state, and federal districts, RPAC shares with their growers water information that is important.
  • Market Information–RPAC provides regular market information.  To access recent reports, visit  https://www.rpacalmonds.com/marketnews/

If you have recently planted or purchased an almond orchard, and want to learn more, please contact Paul Ewing or Dennis Soares at (209) 826-0272, or rpac@rpacalmonds.com.

More information is available at https://www.rpacalmonds.com

RPAC Youtube Channel

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