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Flexibility For Your Insect/Mite Problems in Tree Nuts


Growers and PCA’s want options when determining a pest control program. Products that have flexible application timing and are compatible in mixtures can bring these options. Gowan USA has a portfolio of products that fit this profile in nut crops.

Imidan® is a powerful broad-spectrum residual insecticide that has been trusted for decades to bring back control when other products seem to no longer get the job done to a satisfactory level. Always keep Imidan® in mind for control of Navel Orangeworm in almonds as well as control of Walnut Huskfly and Codling Moth in walnuts.

Magister® is a dual action miticide and fungicide controlling adult and immature mite populations plus delivering fungicidal control of key pathogens in nut crops.

Onager Optek® is a solid, proven miticide that provides residual control of eggs, immature mites and sterilization of adult female mites. An advanced formulation leads to greater coverage and translaminar movement leads to stronger results. A seven day PHI and air label keep options open all season.

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