Dear Industry Partner:

Agriculture, water, trade and pest management policy decisions directly impacting the California almond industry are decided every day in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Our industry continues to be in the national spotlight as elected officials debate issues regarding retaliatory tariffs, water, pest management and labor. In this unprecedented political climate, it is essential that the almond industry advocate for our legislative and regulatory priorities. We have worked hard to successfully build the Almond PAC to support candidates who value the almond industry and take the time to understand it.

I am writing to you today asking you to join hundreds of your colleagues statewide who actively participate in the Almond PAC. By contributing to the Almond PAC, you help support candidates who care about agriculture and are concerned about the future of the California almond industry.

There are numerous policy and legislative decisions that negatively impact California agriculture. The Almond PAC raises donations to support champions who continue speaking out about these issues and how they negatively impact the California almond industry. We must educate and fight back!

Contributions must be made by check and made payable to California Almond Industry PAC. Please be advised a remittance form (Click Here) must be completed in its entirety and accompany each contribution. Political contributions are not tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions pertaining to the Almond Industry PAC, please contact Annie Romero at (209) 300-7140 or For more information about the Almond PAC, Click Here, or visit our website at Thank you for your consideration and support and may you have a bountiful harvest season.


Elaine Trevino

California Almond Industry Political Action Committee

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