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Almond Alliance Action Alert: NO on SB1

Senate Bill 1 (Atkins) – California Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2019

Summary: This bill makes current federal clean air, climate, clean water, worker safety, and endangered species standards enforceable under state law, even if the federal government rolls back and weakens those standards. The bill directs state environmental, public health, and worker safety agencies to take all actions within their authorities to ensure standards in effect are being enforced as of January 2017 remain in effect.

Status Update: SB 1 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee with amendments and is heading the Assembly Floor to be voted on.


  •  The amendments change the meaning of “Waters of the State” to “any current or historic definition of “Water of the United States” promulgated by the United States Environmental Protections Agency (US EPA).
  • The amendments change and expand the definition of “waste” in the bill to include all other “pollutants, dredged or fill materials.”
  • SB 1 threatens to undermine current state efforts to utilize science-based decision making to manage and provide reliable water supplies for California and protect, restore, and enhance the ecosystems of the Bay-Delta and its tributaries.
  • SB 1 impairs the Voluntary Agreements that are essential to advancing a comprehensive approach of flow and non-flow measures to provide reliable water supplies for all of California. SB 1 would freeze existing biological opinions.
  • SB1 would freeze the existing federal biological opinions. Future permits would be subject to outdated science and ineffective federal baseline measures, thus permanently, constraining the coordinated operations of the Central Valley Project.
  • SB 1 most recent amendments do not address the concerns regarding the “Endangered Species Act.”

Messaging: Please contact your elected official (Senator/Assembly Member) and express your outstanding concerns and issues with the bill.  Please urge your representative to vote NO on Senate Bill 1.

Key Assembly Members:
Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry:   916-319-2004
Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula:   916-319-2031
Assembly Member Jim Cooper:   916-319-2009
Assembly Member Susan Eggman:   916-319-2013
Assembly Member Adam Gray:   916-319-2021
Assembly Member Robert Rivas:       916-319-2030
Assembly Member Rudy Salas:   916-319-2032

Key Senators:
Senator Anna Caballero:   916-651-4012
Senator Cathleen Galgiani:  916-651-4005
Senator Melissa Hurtado:   916-651-4014
Senator Richard Pan:   916-651-4006

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