The Pacific Flatheaded Borer flight commenced today from our wood we have collected from grower orchards and our trial plots. Last week we found the first adult in dissections of infested trees, but this week they are chewing their way out.

The first filbertworm moths of the season were captured in multiple locations on Tuesday night this week (05/28). For our Aurora/Canby location, based on the Alinazee (1983) model and using the Aurora Agrimet Station (arao) we only have 407 degree-days, and the earliest moth is not predicted to occur until 580 DD.

Similarly in the McMinnville area, another place where moths were caught, I’m seeing less than 400 degree-days. I’m interested in your observations from the field.  Read more from Oregon State University Extension Advisor Nik Wiman in the upcoming July issue of Pacific Nut Producer Magazine.

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