Western Pecan Growers Conference, March 4-6

The Western Pecan Growers 52nd Annual Conference is returning again to Las Cruces, New Mexico March 4-6 at the Hotel Encanto (705 South Telshor Blvd). Topics to be addressed at the conference this year will include: airblast sprayers, insecticide efficacy for pecan aphids, pecan orchard site evaluation, rootstock resistance to cotton root rot, pigs in pecans – they ain’t squirrels, soil drainage, trace yet substantial elements in pecans, preemergence herbicides in Western Pecans, how do roots grow, American Pecan Council update, pecan marketing update, US Pecan Growers Council update, Pecan Weevil update, state pecan grower associations update, and farming along the urban-rural interface. For more information and registration details, contact director@westernpecan.org or click Here.

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